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LOOM HYPERBOLIC Marrakech, 2012 Architects: Barkow Leibinger, Berlin, Frank Barkow, Regine Leibinger Project Leader: Gustav Düsing Fotos: Johannes Förster In developing the contribution to the 4th Marrakech Biennale, the question was what kind of knowledge could one bring to such a place in order to connect it with local traditions. A particularly intriguing local technique is traditional Moroccan weaving on a wooden frame loom. The aim of this installation was to generate not only two-dimensional surfaces, but three-dimensional volumes in a comparable manner. The project references the flat, horizontal tents of the Berbers, in which one moves bent over and sits on the floor. The hyperbolic geometry creates a series of spaces that, through the translucency of the surfaces, combine with the simple beauty of the environment and whose repetitive arrangement captures the adaptive patterns and ornaments that are omnipresent in the Arab world. The simple material system is the result of an extensive examination of local conditions; From the material to the construction process, everything was developed and carried out in collaboration with the skill-set of the local arts and crafts. The wooden frames were created by the ruin of the anxious Koutoubia mosque, using a local construction method of slender, hand-worked logs that hold simple plug-in connections. The frames were covered with cotton threads to create the image of a giant loom. The natural irregularity and slight curvature of the log lifts the rigorous geometry of the digital computer drawings and creates a picture that reflects the collaborative knowledge sharing and craftsmanship of the local team.